Vinter > Ski Touring i Tavelsjö

Ski touring has grown hugely in popularity this year. So, to help find the best places around beautiful Tavelsjö, we have put together this little guide of our favourite spots and how to find them. This can also be found as an Instagram guide here.


1km | 30 min | 170m total drop height

The most populär and easy to go ski touring place. Here you find nice runs with varying difficulty. Since many people walk up path 1 all year around it is easy to find the way up. 

Picture by @annaiumea

If you have touring skins you can also go up path 2 that follows a not so steep clear-felled area. There are plenty of good runs down the slopes all the way between path 1 and 2. Be careful to not go down the steep cliffs to the right of path 1 (looking down)!  

Parking: 64°01’10.2″N 20°01’14.8″E



Therefore this place suits everyone that wants to go downhill, even if you don’t have touring skis, or a splitboard with climbing skins. Just put your ordinary slalom skis or snowboard on the shoulder and walk up the path. The most accessible skiing is left of path 1 (looking down). When you get down towards the dense forest aim right towards the path

2km 1h 125m total drop height

Start from the same parking as Tavelsjöberget. 

Picture by @andersenetjarn

Walk or ski the forest road and turn right at the sign for Finkhörneberget. 
Follow the Tio toppar tavelsjö path towards the top. This path is not as popular as Tavelsjöberget in winter, so be ready with touring skins or snow shoes.   

Here you can find some really good runs, follow the same path down for an easy run. Or go further to the right (looking down) for some steeper runs. 

Parking: 64°01’10.2″N 20°01’14.8″E


1km 45 min 165m total drop height

Picture by @ebysse

Here you can find some really fun runs. Follow the Tio toppar tavelsjö path to the top, the path is really steep in some places so dress lightly and be prepared to sweat. On the way down it is a good idea to keep close to the path, or go left towards the climbing cliff.

The first half of the run is easy and fun wherever you go. It is possible to go further right but it gets really steep, and beware of the cliffs when you are almost down in the more dense forest. To the left (looking down)  the terrain is easier and safer, although be careful of the rocks if the snow cover is thin. 

Parking: 63°59’41.2″N 20°02’10.1″E


1km 30-45 min 110m total drop height. 

A beautiful place with some short, but fun runs. 

Picture by @andersenetjarn

Follow the Tio toppar tavelsjö path towards the top, but you don’t need to go all the way to the top sign. Ski down to the right of the path (looking down), be careful of some really steep terrain far right. When you get down the steeper parts aim for the clear-felled area to the left to find your way back to the parking. 

Parking: 64°04’29.4″N 20°03’51.3″E
Swish a voluntary parking fee to the neighbours that clear the snow. 

Freeride skis 85-120mm wide or splitboard/snowboard.  

Bindings and boots with walk mode. 

Touring skins or snowshoes. 

Telescopic poles with big baskets. 

Helmet and googles.

Backpack 20-35l packed with extra gloves, extra socks, warm jacket/sweater, water, blister tape, something to sit on, fika and coffee from Root. 
A backpack with straps to attach skis or board is good if you don’t use climbing skins. 

Dress yourself with undergarment, woolsocks, scarf, beanie, shell-pants, shell-jacket and gloves.

If you plan on going down really steep terrain after a big snowfall it is a good idea to bring friends and proper avalanche equipment.