Vinter > Isvak

Update 23.04.22 – The ice hole remains open on the days we are open and the ice around the hole is still in excess of 40cm thick despite the warmer weather we’ve had. Last year it was open until mid-April! It will always be open when we are open and you are welcome to come and use it any time throughout those days. We have ladders going into the water, and the water is only about waist deep. We have a changing room and hot pizza for afterwards. No need to book, just come along and swim. The cost is 50kr per person. Happy swimming

If you’re new to ice / cold water swimming, we have organised some ’Introduction to Kallbad’ evenings during November. Click here for further information.

If you would like a one-on-one guided dip, Dan would be very happy to help with this. Just reach out 🙂


Isvaken är öppen alla dagar och tider som vi har öppet (fre-sön). Gäster är välkomna att nyttja isvaken på egen hand. Allt isbad sker på egen risk och vi rekommenderar att alltid ha någon med dig när du isbadar, samt att du läser på om riskerna kring isbad.

Det kostar 50kr per person att nyttja isvaken, vilket går till att underhålla isvaken och omklädningsrum. Simma lugnt!