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Tavelsjö is home to some excellent cross country skiing with a range of options around the different disciplines and different skill level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here is something awesome for you in Tavelsjö. In collaboration with Anders Enetjärn, here are our favourite spots around the village in 2022:-

  1. Tavelsjön

9km | 1hr | Easy – prepared track

The northern parts of the beautiful Lake Tavelsjön is the ground for a popular and easy skiing track, maintained by the local snowmobile club. The track is about 9 km long, but also allows you to make short cuts in some places. This track is well prepared for ordinary, narrow cross-country skis, both for classic and skating technique. You can start your trip here at Root or at Matboa.  

Before planning this trip be aware of the wind conditions. Starting off in an easy tailwind may end up with a strong head-wind. Windy days you should consider one of the other areas for cross-country skiing. You also need to be aware of that snow mobiles on the lake might affect your experience of silence.

To keep up the maintenance of this track you can contribute with a voluntary fee. A day pass is suggested at SEK 60. You swill find Swish signs along the track.

Parking: Root and Matboa

2. Tavelsjö Floodlit track

2.4km | 15-30mins | Moderate to Tough prepared track

Photo by Ema Nilsson

Tavelsjö has an electric light ski track of a very high standard, maintained by Tavelsjö AIK all winter. The track is 2.5 km long and is very varied and nice to ride. You really get out into the woods along this trail. There are some slightly demanding slopes, but the track is broad and well prepared so it suits both beginners and those who are more accustomed. The electric light track is prepared for both classic and skating. If you come here in the evening, you can turn on the lights yourself. 

Parking: At Klacken Sports Club

3. Base of Taveljöberget

1.5km | 30min | Easy / Moderate – off track

This is the option if you want to try cross-country skiing or back-country skiing in untracked conditions, but still don´t want to go out into the woods. The option is on the open fields. 

There are often traces of others who have ridden here, so just follow them. From Tavelsjöberget’s car park, follow the edge of the field south. Soon there will be a small ravine that may challenge you both downhill and uphill. But once on the other side of the ravine, you will be on a small field at the base of Tavelsjöberget. This field is somewhat hilly and pleasant to ski on. Why not make your own track! 

Even though you are close to buildings, roads and snowmobile trails, it is often very quiet at the base of the hill. Listen for birds, marvel at the beautiful, steep Tavelsjöberget that is next to you. 

The base of Tavelsjöberget is clearly best for you who are alert in the morning. That´s when the sun hits this nice area. 

Parking: Tavelsjöberget Car Park

4. Lilfinkelberget

Optional length | 1hr | Moderate / Hard – off track

Lillfinkelberget is the first step into the wilderness. Depending on the snow conditions and if others have made tracks, you will either manage with narrow cross-country skis, or you will need wider back-country skis. 

From the car park at Root, cross the main road and ski perpendicularly up the field. You see Lillfinkelberget as the first small hill on the other side of the field. To get up on the mountain’s fine rocky surface, you need to gain height on the clear-felled mountain slope. Do not climb too steep but sloping obliquely up the slope. There are often traces of others who have ridden here. In that case, just follow them. 

Once up in the forest on the hill, you get a taste of the experiences that the larger hills in the Tavelsjö area can offer. Lillfinkelberget is its own little near wilderness. Here you can see traces in the snow of hare, fox, squirrel, sometimes moose and if you are lucky even lynx. 

Parking: At Root

5. The Wilderness Trail (Vildmarksspåret)

7km | 2hrs | Hard – off track / lightly prepared

Vildmarksspåret (the wilderness trail) is an elementary and challenging trail that winds its way over hills and bogs and through forests on Tavelsjöberget. Fredrik Appelblad, a neighbor of Root, is the one who usually keeps this track run all winter through with his back-country skis. 

Photo by @ebysse

Follow ”väg 1” up Tavelsjöberget. Carry the skis up the steep slope. When you have almost reached the top of the slope, Vildmarksspåret starts. It turns off straight to the right. The track can be difficult to find, either if the wind has whiped it out, or if it is mixed up with all the off-piste tracks from skiers and snowboarders who have enjoyed the slope. Vildmarksspåret passes over the mires west and south of the top of Tavelsjöberget. It also leads to a very beautiful look out on the steep east side of Tavelsjöberget. Before it carries off down hill, you pass over the small, beautiful pond Lill-Tavelsjön. This is a nice place to stop for a break at the edge of the forest. The downhill run is tough over both semi-open and denser forests. The last part follows the snowmobile trail from Lillfinkelberget back to the start.

Be aware that Vildmarksspåret is challenging. You really need to be skilled in both skiing and finding your way in the wilderness. Enjoy!

Parking: Tavelsjöberget Parking