Spring Watch

As the seasons change from Winter to Spring-Winter to and on until Spring we are tracking the changes to the flora and fauna here i Tavelsjö.


It’s pretty exciting to hear the chorus of the birds strengthen as we head into the spring. Here are the birds that have arrived so far, and the dates they were first seen around the lake:-

Ice Status – Update 22.04

The ice is thinning now and very dark in places. Around Sundlingska the ice is around 25cms thick but there are some very dark patches suggesting thinner ice further out onto the lake. We recommend not walking on the ice any longer.

Walking / Hiking

Update 22.04

The snow is receding at and it relatively hard to walk on in most places now, particularly in the mornings. Most of the tops can be reached without skis and snow shoes. With the chorus of bird song in the first, it’s a pretty magical place to be right now.