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Work has changed, and endless lecture style meetings now feel like a thing of the past. We feel that getting together as we transition into a post-covid world means taking time together to create, inspire and thrive.

For us, we feel that this plays to our strengths here at Root with our emphasis on helping people to feel awesome. So, whilst we have meeting spaces (click here to read more) and the technology you need to present, we also have a range of activities that we have put together to help you and your teams maximise your time together.

Sourdough baking

Sourdough Baking with Kerstin

This interactive session can be spread out over the course of a day (between meetings) or as one session for groups of friends. We can accomodate groups of up to 20 and the course sees Kerstin take guests through each step of the sourdough process. Guests will have the chance to get their hands ’doughy’ at various times throughout the course and everyone will leave at the end of the day with a sourdough starter and a bread to bake at home.

Booking enquiries can be made here. Throughout the autumn we will also be offering sourdough baking classes for booking individually.

Cost: 750kr per person

Booking: Two weeks in advance

Yoga with Maria

Yoga is an important part of our range of activities here at Root and our yoga partner, Maria, runs the sessions so that all abilities feel great. We first met Maria when she started using our ice hole regularly last winter. Maria had been one of the first yoga instructors in Umeå two decades ago but had taken time out to have children and focus on herself. After connecting with Root through our ice hole, Maria felt inspired to start teaching again and holds a regular class here on Sunday mornings. Read more here.

These sessions can be tailored to group size and packaged together with cold water / ice swimming and breathing techniques.

Cost: 200kr per person

Booking: On request

Guided forest hikes / introduction to bushcraft

There is something special about the forests here in Tavelsjö and the sense of disconnection (from the digital / busy urban world) that a trip out into the hills can have is strong. For the past year we have partnered with local expert, Isac Enetjärn, to offer guests guided tours into the old growth forests and over the hilltops.

Guided forest tours with Isac

Tours can be tailored to client need with a focus on the flora and fauna, forest history, the seasons and / or introduction to bushcraft and surviving in the wild. Isac has a comforting style that makes guests feel great, whatever their prior experience of the forest.

Cost: 895kr per person for a guided tour including fika and lunch

Booking: Available on request

Cold Water / Ice Swimming with Dan

Cold water therapy has risen in popularity over the past few years and our ice hole over the 2020/21 winter welcoming visitors in the thousands. The basic premise, other than a great photo opportunity, is that humans in the 21st century have developed to become very comfortable. No longer are we chased by sabre tooth tigers, nor are we having to hunt for our next meal. Exposure to the cold gives us the opportunity to restore our chemical balance whist delivering a hugely uplifting experience.

When combined with a range of breathing techniques, the cold water experience is a very powerful way to re-connect with your inner self. From a teams perspective, there is a certain camaradery built through adversity and challenging each other to do this together can have a hugely uplfiting impact.

The ice hole here will open in the first few weeks of January but the cold water courses run from October onwards.

Cost: 250kr per person

Booking: On request

Bespoke Team Building

We understand that sometimes a little help is needed in designing uplifting experiences in a busy work life.

At Root, we very much enjoy designing new ways to help our team thrive and develop. From the ridiculous to the sublime, we would be happy to design specific team building exercises to brief to deliver alongside you and your teams.

Cost: Bespoke

Booking: On request