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Photo by @patriciaelias3

Without a doubt our absolute favourite time of the year here in Tavelsjö. The days are fast getting longer and every day brings with it a brighter light, the strenghthening bird song. It feels like a re-birth after the darkness of winter. A time to wrap up warm and head outside, and out here in Tavelsjö, there are plenty of ways to soak up the sun. For information on Sportlov, click here. Photo across by @patriciaelias3

Here are our favourite things to do during Spring Winter in Tavelsjö:-

  1. Tavelsjö Ice Track
    1. With the ice around a meter thick under foot, there isn’t a safer time to be out on the ice. The ice track here in Tavelsjö, now in its 6th year, stretches out in a circle 10km around the lake. If you’ve not skated before you can hire skates from the local sports club here at Sundlingska gården, Root’s home in Tavelsjö. Alternatively kick-sleds are available to borrow for free. Read more about the ice track here.
  2. Tio Toppar Vintertoppar
    1. One of the things that first brought us here to Tavelsjö was the community organised, non-profit, network of 10 hiking trails around the village. During the vinter ‘Tio Toppar Tavelsjö’ – Ten Tops of Tavelsjö- hide a code on the top of each of the hills and invite guests to hike, ski, snow shoe up and find them. This activity is great for families with kids from around 6-7 upwards. Click here to read more
  3. Ice Swimming
    1. Dan’s obsession. Dipping into ice water is an experience like no other. Very seldom in life do we get the opportunity to set our body alive, to activate our nervous system in a positive way. Taking a short dip in ice water is an experience you will never forget and one to definitely try at least once. Click here to read more.
  4. Tavelsjö gårdsmusteri
    1. Mari at Tavelsjö gårdsmusteri has won several national awards for the drinks she makes here in the village. Alongside her awesome drinks she and Jenny make a range of breads and pastries and her shop is available to visit all year round. Check her Instagram for the current opening hours and definitely pay them a visit
  5. See the Northern Lights
    1. It really is as magical as people say it is. Out here in Tavelsjö, when the conditions are right, there are some awesome places to experience it. Click here for further information.