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Whilst you pretty much go anywhere with snow shoes, here are some of our favourite walks. If you would like further information, check out @tiotoppartavelsjo or see our Vintertoppar guide. To hire snow shoes from us, click here and select the ’Snö skor’ option. They cost 150kr per day and fit all sizes.

Tavelsjöberget väg 1 & 2

5km | 2 hours | Medium Difficulty

V1 and v2

The highest and most visited peak in the area, Tavelsjöberget is part of a ridge that runs to the west of both the village and lake Tavelsjön. There are many different routes to take but our favourite is the route up väg 1 and back down väg 2. When you drive or walk into Tavelsjöberget car park, take the train in the left hand corner. After 200 or so meters you will see a set of signs, and from there follow the signs for väg 1. This will take you to the ’rästplatz’ where there are great views over the lake. From here, follow the signs for väg 2 to return back, it’s a gentle walk through the forest and back down a much less steep side of the hill. While you’re walking on väg 2, you should always be able to see a tree with an orange stripe around it, this is the marker of the tavelsjöleden. For a little extra loop on the way back, follow the white Tio Toppar sign up Finkhörneberget.

Here is a strava route of the tour: https://www.strava.com/routes/2937297547425955946

Parking: Tavelsjöberget Car Park


3km | 2 hours | Not difficult

Selsknösen tower

There are various routes up to Selsknösen but this one is the easiest. Park by the road just outside the village of Selet and follow alongside the scooter tracks all the way up to the top. At the top there is a place to grill, a small cabin where you can sign the guest book and a 15m tower with long views in all directions. A very jolly walk.

Parking: In Selet


There are two main routes up Vallberget. Either the up the @tiotoppar route, which is a steep 1km hike straight up from the 363. This route goes up through the forest to the tower at the top, with beautiful views over the lake. This route is 2km up and back. The second option is 5km and follows the Tavelsjöleden up past Stor Tavelsjön and up the west side of Vallberget. This longer route goes through is very gentle and great for a day out.

1. Parking for Tio Toppar Route
2. Parking for Tavelsjöleden route

Lillfinkelberget | Finkhörneberget | Tavelsjöberget

6km | 5hours | Difficult

This route is for the adventurous. Starting from Root, head across the road and straight across the field opposite. Continue straight over the skoterleder and direct up to the top of the first peak, this is called Lillfinkelberget. From hear you can see Tavelsjöberget to the south and Finkhörneberget (a smaller peak) to the south west. Head towards Finkhörneberget until you hit a trail ‑ there will be cross country ski tracks. Follow this until you see signs for Tio Toppar ‑ this is then the route to the top of Finkhörneberget. From the top, head directly towards Tavelsjöberget to the south. This is a walk only for those who are happy getting lost and spending the day outdoors. Take food and drink, this could take all day. Click here for a map if you want to follow the route

On top of Finkhörneberget

Parking: At Root


1km | 30min – 1hr | Easy – Child Friendly

This is the small hill opposite Root and is great for a tour with children. The slope is gentle at first and then a little steeper as you head into the old growth forest. Head across the road from Root and straight across the field towards the nearest peak. Carry on up following the tree line to the top.


Parking: At Root