Kayak Tavelsjö, Umeå

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The wind has dropped and the lake is flat. The sun is high in the sky and birds are swooping overhead. At this moment, there aren’t many better places to be around the village than in a kayak on the lake.

Kayaks, SUPS can canoes all be launched from the beach at Root. The paddle out to Storön is 1.5km, to Granön 2km and Lovön with it’s awesome little beach 3km, all great places to take a picnic or a tent for an overnighter on the island.

If you don’t have your own kayak, they can be rented from Tavelsjö Kanot who are based on the other side of the lake in Yttre Långviken. They offer rental from 400kr and there are some awesome spots to paddle on the south side of the lake. Their website can be found here.