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We offer a small and seasonally changing range of sourdough pizzas which we bake in a traditional Swedish wood-fired oven. Our pizzas are unusual, full of flavour, they have big fluffy crusts and we give them all silly names. Some have meat, some don’t. We offer our pizzas either as a standard 27cms or half size – those we call ‘snacks’ pizzas and are great if you want to try a few or eat a little less. Click here for our current menu.

The distinct taste of our pizzas starts with our sourdough which we take on a three-day journey we call our ‘sourdough saga’ – click here to read more.

Then it’s about the toppings which we try to always reflect the season, and source locally wherever possible. This means that we’re constantly updating our pizzas and we test our potential new pizzas as ‘guest pizzas’ – click here to see our current guest pizza. Our pizzas come with mozzarella as standard, but we also offer vegan cheese for those who want it.

Finally, there is the bake. We use a combination of birch and al which we source from our friends at Granöved. Our oven sits at around 350 degrees and each pizza does a 1 and a half minute ‘lap’ of the oven before coming out and topped.

The silly names, well, pizzas should be fun, right. We always recommend booking a table, click here if you would like to.