Ice Swimming

Update: 21/04 – Our ice hole has now closed for the season. For those that want to continue the cold water experience into the spring we have made an ice channel which extends out from the beach. The idea is that you can walk out into the cold water and sit down to take an ice bath. Below is a video to give some idea…happy swimming 

Under the current Corona restrictions, there will be no organised ice swimming, but guests are welcome to use the ice holes are your own risk.

We recommend that you always swim with other people and take into consideration the risks around cold water bathing. If you would like some guidance or help getting in and out of the hole, we’d be happy to assist.

When you’re out using the hole, please be respectful of each other’s space and keep to a maximum of 4 in the changing room at any time.

The cost to use the ice hole will be 50kr.

Happy swimming