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Update 28.01: After the heavy snowfall in January and a fantastic attempt by fans of the ice track to crowdfund for a new machine, the ice track has been closed for the season due to the huge amounts of snow. The ice track will open again in 2022. Take a look at our pages on ski touring, cross country skiing, ice swimming and snow shoe walking. Click here for other activities in Tavelsjö this winter

If you haven’t tried the ice track in Tavelsjö, you must. Now in its fifth year, the ice track attracts visitors from across Europe and last year was the home to the Swedish National Championships. It’s as wide as a motorway and runs for 14km around the beautiful lake here in Tavelsjö. 

Whether you are an experienced skater or a beginner, there is something for you out here on Tavelsjö Isbana. Ice skates can be hired through our bookings widget on this page, and we also have a number of ‘kicks’ that you can borrow for free if you’re less confident on skates. We offer the ice skate hire in collaboration with TAIK and half of the proceeds go towards the upkeep and clearing of the ice track.

The track runs from Root in a figure of eight with one side going past the main village and around Stor Ön – the biggest island on the lake. This larger loop is around 10kms and brings you back to us at Root. Out on the other side, and arguably the most scenic side, the track runs between Långviken and Granön in a 4km loop down towards the south of the lake. Those who feel particularly adventurous can attempt a full 14km loop of the ice track.

If you are concerned about going on the ice, at the start of the season the ice is around 30-40cm thick, growing to around a metre. This thickness would be enough to hold several godzillas.

Throughout the season various events take part on the track including a 10km running race called  “Frozen Track’ and a long distance ice skating race, both organised by TAIK- the local sports club here in Tavelsjö.