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As the seasons change from Winter to Spring-Winter and on until Spring we are tracking the changes to the flora and fauna here i Tavelsjö.

Ice Status / Water Temperature

Update 04.03

The Ice remains relatively thick, between 20-30cms here at Sundlingska Gården. Care should be taken when going out on the ice as conditions can change quickly.

The water temperature in the isvak is between 1 and 1.5 degrees.


Update 04.03

Up on the mountain / forest there remains a good depth of snow, up to 1m in places. The conditions change daily and, right now, are best first thing in the morning after the cold nights. It’s tricky to walk up in the forests without snow shoes right now.


It’s pretty exciting to hear the chorus of the birds strengthen as we head into the spring. Here are the birds that have arrived so far, and the dates they were first seen around the lake:-