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We like to do things our Rootytooty way here and that means a slightly different, slightly more fun Christmas table. We call it Kulbord.
With inspiration from the Christmases we have worked in restaurants in London, our Kulbord will consist of traditional Christmas flavors but with a Root twist. Imagine a table full of goodies, games and games at the table with your loved ones and a selection of Christmas pizzas
Our Kullbord is served during the month of December until December 23 and advance booking is required (book here), select "Ball table" when you book). We serve everything at the table and the arrangement is based on many small dishes that are shared at the table.
This year we plan to put over 1000 Christmas balls on the ceiling
The cost is SEK 295 / person, which is paid upon booking (full refund if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance). Children can either eat Kulbord for half the price, half the portion size, or pizza from our menu

Click here to book, or ring us on 070 3091 848 if you have any questions