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As passionate cold water swimmers, it was awesome to welcome so many to our ‘Rootvak’ this winter. Seeing the positive impact it’s had on so many has been truly inspiring.
So, what’s next? 

The ice hole will close at some point in April (click here for an update) and then in May the ice will thaw from the lake. 

Isvak 2021

When the ice thaws on the lake we will be setting out 50, 100 and 500m swim courses on the lake with buoys. There will be a map on the beach and the changing room will remain open to use throughout the spring summer.

The facility will be free to use throughout the summer at your own risk and please be aware that there will be no life guard cover.

In late Spring and early summer, we will be organising a series of swimming only and swim / run events, with further details to follow.

Happy Swimming