As a business that had its first anniversary in January 2021, covid-19 has been a big part of our journey here pretty much since we started. When covid-19 first came to Västerbotten in March 2020 we made extensive changes to our operation to reduce any potential for transmission; removing communal cutlery and changing anything that was self service to behind the counter, removing 40% of our tables along with various other changes. In April we went a step further and closed for internal dining altogether as a precaution for the safety of our team and guests. As the first wave reduced in the spring, we re-opened to guests sitting inside.

Later in the year as the second wave strengthened, we re-positioned towards guests enjoying Root at home and put further measures in place to keep those that wanted to eat here safe; including markings on the floor, plexiglass in front of our till, 7 hand sanitiser stations around the grounds and a minimum of 1.5m between all tables.

In January 2021 one of the owners of Root, Dan, contracted covid-19. As is our policy, he isolated from the moment he had symptoms but when we got his covid tests results back as positive, we decided it best for the safety of our team and guests to temporarily close until Dan recovered.

During this time we had all the full time team here at Root tested and we ultimately waited 14 days after Dan’s first symptoms before opening again.

We write all this to show you how seriously we have taken our obligations to reducing the spread of covid-19, and to re-assure you that we will continue to do all we can to reduce and hopefully stop the spread.

Please see above for the things the things that we do, and the things we ask our guests to do as part of our efforts to stop the spread.