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There is a corner of Root that sits at a wonderful 5 degrees. It can be 35 degrees under or 35 over and this magical spot keeps its cool. Why you ask? Well, this enchanted spot holds the keys to all our sweet things. Inside it lives an ever changing array of multi-planetary joys we humans call Fika. 

Their creator and keeper is a magnificent creature called Mimmi. While she looks like a normal human, she is actually a wizard from a far away planet, sent here to Earth to make our bellies full and our hearts warm and fuzzy.

Every morning Mimmi casts her spells over Root and wondrous things appear in this magical 5 degree box. They are always lactose free, and often gluten free. How she does that, we’ll never know.

If you stand in Mimmi’s fika corner for long enough, you too might find transformed by her magical powers. 

Much of Mimmi’s sorcery is secret, but here are some images we’ve been able to capture with human cameras.

Mimmi’s Fika