24 hours in Tavelsjö – Autumn Edition

So, you’ve got 24 hours to spend in Tavelsjö and the good fortune to be a car or bus ride away. Sitting in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and just 30 minutes outside the city, Tavelsjö spans an area surrounding the largest lake in the region and is home to a fantastic collection of outdoor activities, places to eat and drink and little crafty boutiques. 

Tio Topar Tavelsjö

Here is our guide to what to do with one day in the village..

Explore the forests

Tavelsjö is home to a network of trails that take you up through some ancient woodland to the tops of ten of the biggest peaks in the area. Known as the ‘Ten Tops of Tavelsjö’ or Tio Toppar Tavelsjö, the hikes are gentle, require no equipment outside of the winter and most of them have magnificent views from the top. The best place to start is to take a hike up Tavelsjöberget. Parking can be found here and you then follow the small white Tio Toppar signs all the way up to the top.

Three quarters of the way up there’s a great lookout point over the lake. If you want to take in two tops in one afternoon, follow the signs for ‘väg 2’ back down from the lookout point. When you make it to a wide flat trail, look out for the tio toppar white sign which will take you up to Finkhörneberget. For a digital map to follow, click here. To read more on the different tops, click here. For some of our favourite hiking and running routes, click here.

Northern Lights in Tavelsjö

Watch the Northern Lights

The season is mid august to late april, but darker = more possible hours. The Nordic light appears just as frequently all year around, also in summer, but then it is totally impossible to see.

October-december can be cloudy season, but that time of the year can also be good if the clouds stay away. January-March is usually more clear sky = good. Some fluffy snow is also a great component to add to scenery.

To read our guide to watching the Northern lights in Tavelsjö, click here.

A morning picking mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are in plentiful supply throughout the Tavelsjö region and a very popular hobby amongst the locals.

The most prevalent edible mushrooms here at Kantarell and grow in their thousands. Locals can be quiet protective about where the best spots are and the best advise is to try and find someone in the area to take you with them. Call us if you would like help to organise this.

We recommend care is taken when picking and eating wild mushrooms and consult guide books before you do so.

Stroll around the boutiques

Tavelsjö has a burgeoning arts and crafts scene with various little places to explore. First up is Blåeld, a unique garden and home store overlooking the lake in the centre of the village. With a history of offering fantastic little things over the past 20 years, Blåeld has become a favourite ‘utflyks’ or daytrip destination for Umeå residents.

In the same complex as Blåeld is Tavelsjo wärdshus, a traditional Swedish inn. Inside there is a lovely little ‘gårdsbutik’ where you will find local cheeses, meats and a variety of things made or produced in the local area.

Lydia’s Kitchen

Also in the village is a beautiful little shop called KN Form. Run by the couple who originally started Blåeld, they produce a range of ceramics which are displayed inside an old wooden structure that was once the village store. During the summer they also have flea market or ’loppis’ as the Swedes call it.

The newest little boutique in the village is called Lydia’s Kitchen and is operated by Tavelsjö gårdsmusteri, an award winning artisan soft drinks producer. Lydia’s kitchen is an honesty shop selling a various of yummy things like cakes, pastries alongside their range of soft drinks. Walking in is like harking back to a time forgotten, and is an absolutely wonderful experience.

Also in the village are Flowerfield Creations and Blomhyllan Handelsträdgård.

Camp under the stars

Taking a night under the stars in Tavelsjö is an experience not to be missed. The Swedish right to roam or, ‘allemansrätten’, means the options of places to stay are endless. During the summer months, the sun only sets for a small amount of time which can make for some spectacular experiences when combined with dips in the many small lakes around the village. Outside the summer, as the skies darken and fills with a spectacular canvas of stars. During the autumn, winter and spring, there are also strong possibilities of seeing the northern lights.

Eat and drink

There are two main spots to eat in Tavelsjö. Here at Root we offer a small range of sourdough pizzas which we change regularly and give silly names. Alongside our pizza we offer speciality coffee, brunch and sourdough bread. Click here for more information, opening hours and booking.

Coffee at Root

Tavelsjö wärdhus in the centre of the village offers a range of ‘hustmanskost’ – tradional Swedish fare. Here you can find lovingly prepared burgers, salads and charcuterie amongst other things. Their approach is to use local produce wherever possible with a focus on sustainability. They also offer a range of items to takeaway and finish off at home including after work bags, brunch and other yummy things. Click here for more and booking.

For the families

Just outside of Tavelsjö lies Mickelbo gård, a family run farm and café. On site they have a variety of both Swedish and exotic animals to interact with alongside a café and farm shop where you can enjoy traditional Swedish fika. Click here for more information and opening hours.

Places to stay

The are a variety of air b&b’s available in and around the village, click here for further details – select the accommodation drop down. Our favourite is Heleneborgs gård. Situated just outside the village, the Helenborgs has a variety of different accommodation types including cottages and a converted stable. It is quinticentially Swedish and the couple that run are marvlouss hosts. Book well in advance if you want to stay here.

How to get to Tavelsjö

Driving out from Umeå, there are two main routes to take. Take the 363 out from the centre of town via Västerslatt and then follow signs for Sorsele. You will reach Tavelsjö after around 25-30 minutes. There is an alternate / scenic route that can be taken via Flurkmark. To take this route head out on the 364 from Ersboda and follow the signs for Tavelsjö.

Taking the bus

This can be tricky, and the bus timetables can be found here. The bus to take is the number 16 and there are various stops in the village. The closest one to Root is the ‘Sundlingska Gården’ bus stop opposite or alternatively head to the ‘Sand’ stop.