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Root to the Future


Over the recent months we have been working with the wonderful Tavelsjö Bygdegård and external consultants to envisage how we might develop the infrastructure here at Sundlingska gården (SG) to upgrade it into a world class visitor destination.

The result, we now have an aligned vision to develop SG in a phased, multiple year project that will ultimately see the building of a new kitchen and guest accommodation cabins alongside various other splendid things with a focus on creating a unique, food led, countryside experience…hurrah!

The project will run in stages, starting this autumn, and continue for the next few years. This year’s first phase will include essential maintenance works and also see the renovation of the last upstairs room in the main house into a dining area.

In order to carry out these works we (unfortunately) need to close for a period and intend to do so for the whole of the autumn. Our last day will be Sunday 14th August and we will then re-open again for the magical winter wonderland in January.

It’s worth saying that the works we are doing this autumn will not take 4 months to carry out. We are, however, taking this extended break in order to do several things alongside the works. Firstly, this is a long term project we have embarked upon and we intend for it to have sustainability at its core. People sustainability is central to this and we need a pause to recover from the massive 3 years we’ve had.

Secondly, the infrastructure project is going to be capital intensive and we need time to apply for grants, loans and hopefully launch a unique crowd funding campaign to pay for it. And lastly, we need time outside of the Root box to properly reflect and consider what will be most important for us, our team and our guests going forward.

In the coming weeks we will share more information about the longer term project as well as asking for feedback on your experiences at Root. For now though, thank you again for your support since we started here.

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