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Antarctic FireAngels visit Tavelsjö


Imagine skiing 1,900km pulling an 85kg sled in temperatures as low as -50 for 70 straight days. Well, that’s what 5 intrepid fire women from the UK will be taking on next year as they attempt to become the first all female team to ski across Antartica, and two weeks ago they visited us here in Tavelsjö.

But why, you may ask? Over ten days the group visited various parts of the county, developing ski techniques, tent routines, comms checking, hydration schedules and team work, ending with a mini (4-day) expedition in Borgafjäll.

This was the third time some of the team had visited the region as they are receiving much of their guidance and pre-expedition training from Toby Cowern, owner of a Umeå based company ’Hello Nature’.

Whilst in Tavelsjö, the group spent a day at Root where Dan gave them an introduction to the mental & physical gains to be had with cold water immersion, followed by a dip in the ice hole. After lunch, they all went back into the ice hole simulating falling in and climbing out with their ski poles.

If you’d like to read more or follow the journey of these five very inspirational humans, you can find them on Instagram or Facebook or Linkedin.

Antarctic FireAngels visit Tavelsjö