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The lady of the lake is calling you..


You’re lying in bed. The sun is shining and it’s the weekend in Umeå. You hear a strange voice calling your name. You try and ignore it but it only gets louder. Again and agaaaaain. Louder and louder. All of a sudden, you’re pulled out of bed and into your most badass winter getup. You blink. How long was I out for? 

Now you’re in the car full of friends on the way out to Tavelsjö. You hear it clearer now. The voice is singing your name. Calling you towards the lake. It’s getting louder the nearer you get. Excitement rises. The car feels like it’s floating on her melody.

The car pulls into Root, the doors open, you’re pushed out. You realise you have your bathing suit on. It’s -10 and your going for a swim. You don’t know why, but you realise now, that voice is the lady of the lake willing you to slip into her watery embrace.

There is no fear now, just elation. You dip your toe in and it’s like she is in you. Her voice reverberating goodness up your spine. You want more. You submerge. The feeling is indescribable. Powerful. Uplifting.

You’re back out and dry, sitting by the fire, silky hot chocolate coursing its way over your tongue. Your skin tingling, the voice is now in your veins. Her goodness swimming around you. You want more. 

All of a sudden, her voice is silenced. You blink and you’re back in Umeå, lying in bed wondering what to do today.

Was it a dream? You look under the sheets and you’re wearing your swimming costume. 

Randall Root

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