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Hejdå 2021, hejsan 2022 Umeå


Pop, and then the year was over. It feels like it was over in a flash and equally this time last year also feels like a lifetime ago.

On January 4th our restaurang in the Umeå countryside will turn 2 and it has definitely caused a pause for reflection.

The year didn’t particularly start as planned. 6 days in Dan and Kerstin both got covid. On the 7th day almighty amounts of snow landed on thin ice on Tavelsjön rendering the ice track closed.

True to the fantastic Tavelsjö spirits that first brought us here, a crowd fundraiser was launched an a new piece of kit bought to clear the snow. That was until even more snow fell, rendering the ice track closed for the season.

Such has been the first two years for us here in Tavelsjö, that we have become accustomed to having to drop all plans and do something else.

From the snow emerged our snow garden, which in turn lead to the idea for our tree houses which opened in spring. As the snow fell from the roof, we made our first reel on Instagram, which went on to get 750,000 views!

This would be a good year!

And so the year went, a bit like that. Making plans and then changing them. Learning to be comfortable with change. Learning to stay calm, come what may.

We’ve continued to develop our flavours, with four new menus and two best of the best pizza menus throughout the year. Brunch too has evolved from one sitting at 10am on a saturday to all weekend from 10-13.

The one solid throughout all has been our team, 8 of whom now have over 1 year at Root. Many more have joined over the past 12 months and it’s been a joy to watch them all grow and develop into their roles and as wonderful humans.

So, as we go into our third year here in Tavelsjö, we pause to give thanks to all you awesome people who joined us this year and look forward to sharing more with you as the year unfolds.

All the best for 2022

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