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Root welcomes second photo-artist – Emelie Persson


We are excited to welcome the arrival of our second in-house photo-artist here at Root, Emelie Persson. Taking on the baton from an excellent year of photos by Emil Byström, the walls for the next year here in Tavelsjö will be adorned with images from Emelie’s perspective on Tavelsjö.

Emelie’s collection will rotate throughout over the course of 2021/22 as the beautiful vistas change with the seasons here at 64 degrees north.

Originally from Stockholm, Emelie and her partner Anton moved to the village 3 years ago. Seeking a return to nature, Emelie and Anton like to say they found a place ’in the middle’, as Anton is from Juoksengi – way up in the north of Sweden. In Tavelsjö, Emilie and Anton found their home amongst the mountains, open landscapes and proximity to the sea.

With endless possibilities for activities here in Tavelsjö, Emelie’s favourite is long distance ice skating and this first collection features two spectacular pictures from the 1m+ thick ice that adorned the lake here in the winter.

Together with their ridgeback Senja and their young daughter, Emelie and Anton spend their time outdoors with a camera always in toe and, as a trained re-toucher, the resulting photos are fascinating.

Emelie has her own print shop with motifs from Swedish and Norwegian mountains, amongst others. She also documents her travels on her website, Emelies Travels.

Here are a selection of Emelie’s first collection here at Root:

Root welcomes second photo-artist – Emelie Persson